Censorship on the web – Is Alex Jones the beginning?

Alex Jones gets banned from Google

Alex Jones gets banned from Google

Today both Google and its subsidiary company YouTube has banned the Alex Jones websites and channels in an attempt to quiet the libertarian.

But is Alex Jones really a libertarian who can be silenced? Google, YouTube and the government would like that. Claims by Alex Jones, backed by research by him and his team, have revealed how his websites and networks are being targeted for the very nature of his uncensored content.

Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, previously included in the popular Google news distribution, have been banned. His YouTube channel, TheAlexJonesChannel will be banned soon as well.

According to YouTube’s support team, his channel was flagged by users because of a  video on the channel that contained controversial video of the Apache helicopter “collateral murder” in Iraq in 2007 that was released by Wikileaks and later released by TheAlexJonesChannel as well as news conglomerates like CNN and ABC. YouTube notified Alex Jones of the removal of this video.

TheAlexJonesChannel attempted to challenge the removal of this video via YouTube’s counter-notification form, and was subsequently told that the account would be disabled and new content blocked, as his channel is offensive and otherwise goes against their community guidelines.

Is censorship really happening in front of our eyes online? With the speed of the internet, can the government really silence the truth? Here’s Alex Jones’ retort.

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52 Comments for “Censorship on the web – Is Alex Jones the beginning?”

  1. Correction, Alex Jones is not a liberal; he is more of a libertarian and constitutionalist. If he were a liberal progressive, chances are most likely he would not be getting pulled off by Google and YouTube. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    • You're right Scott. Alex Jones is not a liberal, he is a libertarian and a constitutionalist. He believes in smaller government and in following the Bill of Rights. He was waking up too many Americans. I just deleted Google Chrome off my computer and started using a proxy because I do not trust Google or the government for that matter.

  2. Many conservatives have suggested Jones may be "controlled opposition", largely due to the number of left-leaning figures he interviews. Alex certainly does not advocate conservative positions often and when he does he seems alot like the moderare neocons who are defend radical feminists and homosexuals. Like it or not, he's helping google locate his audience when he asks them to google keywords. Not long after I started googling, I had black helicopters circling overhead and not long after that I got spotlighted by one (and my ears have been ringing alot since, not sure if that has anything to do with it, but hey, there you go). He might be a commie psyop, but I still think he's worth listening to.

    • I think he's letting too many cats lose to be controlled opposition. I listen with an objective mind, didn't care for his diatribe concerning Debra Medina before the Texas Governors election. Debra is still there however she'll represent in some capacity
      hopefully as a Senator in 2012.

    • Yup. The helicopters must have been there because you used Google. You really are that important of a person that our crummy broke government will waste money to send a helicopter to your house and implant radioactive ringing noises in you head. It's the fans like you that make Alex Jones look like a fruit cake. If you would stay off the message boards, or just stop typing when/if that little voice in your head says "here's a good stopping point!", he would get a lot more respect and probably be taken more seriously.

    • Libertarians are generally both more conservative than conservatives and more liberal than liberals. Their interest is in the freedom of the individual. Both conservatives and liberals (progressives) are willing to subvert the freedom of the individual in furtherance of what they see as “higher goals”. Libertarians are not willing to make that trade.

      So you won’t see a libertarian who is willing to regulate who you have sex with, or what you smoke or drink or eat. Sorry conservatives.

      And you won’t see a libertarian who is willing to confiscate your money in order to give it to someone they deem “more deserving”. Sorry progressives. Actually, sorry about the drinking and eating and smoking bit (soda, happy meals and tobacco in your case – rather than pot, booze and pills)

  3. bye bye free speech and the freedom to listen to whoever and whatever you choose.

    may as well take anything to do with WW II and the Nazi's out of the history books because apparently people don't care that it is happening here. Hell they don;t even realize what fascism looks like as it stares them in the face

    • This is not a free speech issue, YouTube and Google are private businesses and have a right to censor the content available on their servers. Nothing is stopping this idiot from creating his own website and streaming it from his own servers. When Alex signed up on YouTube and created an account he was asked to abide by the terms of their service when uploading media and he violated that so the content was removed. Learn what free speech applies to first before you complain.

  4. Alex Jones is right. He is a news reporter of almost 20 years in Texas. He is a PATRIOT and believes in human rights. Unfortunately, he has to live life with the burden of the truth and he has realized a global scheme of corruption which is happening every day. Any real human being who truly sees the TYRANY AND CORRUPTION can only try to warn his fellow Americans. Every piece of media Alex Jones talks about is true. He provides sources of his media and most of it comes straight from the US govt where you can go check for yourselves. If you people dont get it then you need to start listening to his daily live show. The people that run this country only want global power and they are Eugenics…they are raping the world right now of all assets making the only solution their solution. WAKE UP PEOPLE

    • EJM: Voice of Reason

      Seriously dude?
      I am sorry I have to say this but the world really isnt out to get you. The world doesn't actually revolve around you and the people of the world dont care enough at all about you to try and harm you or anyone else in anyway.

  5. It doesnt matter who or what you are if they can openly take freedom of speech and press away from us imagine what else they can and will do.

    • It is not a "free speech" issue. Learn what that term means first. Free speech does not apply to private businesses like YouTube. They have a terms of service that you must abide by or your content will be removed.

      • That's true, Youtube does have a terms of service. However, if you did your research you would have known that all Alex Jone's did was release a video on his channel of an apache helicopter killing a jouralist in Iraq. This video was already on the Associated Press channel, RussiaToday, and CBS News. Alex wanted to know why they went after him, but left the other channels with footage of the exact same video alone..?? If he followed their rules and they still removed it then what? Thankfully Alex complained and filed a counterclaim and Youtube has since repealed its actions against him and his channel will not be banned.

      • Also, governments and corporations are known to work together in "public-private partnerships." It's happening in Canada right now, public institutions are being gradually turned private. And if they are private they don't have follow the same rules as you pointed out. If I was the government and I wanted to silence Alex Jones I would simply delegate that task to private corporations who would be working for us. Here's a quote from a poster named "Charles" that explains this:

        "The easiest way for the Government to silence one of it's detractors, is to allow it's Corporate Masters *in this case Google*, to do the censorship for them, and everyone will stand up and defend the Corporations rights to censor whatever they wish."

        What if Google when ordered by the government to censor Alex Jones, did it? Then that would be government censorship. I'm glad I live in a country where censorship isn't so bad cause in China Google actually does censor itself on Chinese servers to comply with government regulations. The line between "public" and "private" is getting increasingly blurred….

  6. So now you cannot post truths about something, yet you can put up vids of half naked girls, and mindless meaningless things are acceptable as well.

    No, No World, DO NOT! Try to think for yourselves, do not pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.

    Alex I believe is Pro Republic America, a Constitutionalist, Pro Libertarian, Pro Think for yourself and not be told how and what to think!

  7. "radical liberal" – or did you mean a human being concerend for the wellbeing of people living in todays world?

  8. Alex……disagree with you bout' 90% of time, but occassionally you stumble upon the truth and that's bout' 5% more than the White House/NOAA/EPA/Salazar/Coast Guard and Thug Aryan did with Gulf spill cover-up….guess google and youtube assholes should censor all free speech…thanx for trying, Alex………….Wiki-Leaks may save the planet from US thuggery and should be accorded Nobel Peace Prize…………………………

    • Wikileaks-
      How can you be so blind to trust it?
      If the government has the juice to shut down any web site they please, then how in the world do you think they'd let damaging information go out?

      Answer to the riddle is-
      Assange gets his orders…. Just like Obama, Pelosi, Bush Jr, and Sr, the MSM and on and on.
      ALL Low hanging fruit is poison!

  9. The easiest way for the Government to silence one of it's detractors, is to allow it's Corporate Masters *in this case Google*, to do the censorship for them, and everyone will stand up and defend the Corporations rights to censor whatever they wish.

    Alex Jones made the Obama Deception, and many decent documentaries, that will be effectively destroyed and vanish from the internet, by this move by Google and YouTube.

  10. Uh, I 'm a little bit confused – isn't this a Google news website I'm READING right now ? So where's the ban ?
    Jones doesn't need either Google or utube or anyone else. He got famous before
    they even existed (on international shortwave radio). He's quite capable of managing
    without them. I wouldn't get too hysterical about it – it wasn't the government that banned him, it was the owner of the websites. That's their right to do.

    • It is the Google News aggregator that has banned any AJ headlines from being posted when you click Google News.

      Way to cheer-on the corporation as foretold by Charles by you saying, "That's thier right to do"!

  11. Google is officialy lame now.

  12. Don't Grape Me, Bro!

    "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." -Voltaire

    Such is the case with Alex Jones. I do agree with a percentage of what he says, but I do not believe that all of his content is true and accurate. At the same time, in the name of free speech, I will say that Google is in the wrong here and if it begins with censoring Alex Jones, where will it stop? Doesn't Google censor its China site in order to abide by tight government control of the net?

    • Why is Google obligated to provide a venue for Mr. Jones?

      His right to speak freely does not obligate anyone else to pay for his soapbox.

      • Well said, aelfheld. Seems a lot of people here think that free speech means free to post whatever they want on google and youtube servers. They both are private businesses with their own terms of service that must be followed or the content will be removed. He is free to host whatever he wants on his own servers on his own dime.

  13. As a society, we either disagree with a social imposition dictated by those who believe they know the way, or we conform to them in confusion and fear. We truly lack cohesive unity.

  14. Typical of living in 1984. Google is trying to control what Americans and others in the world think of the global world government. We have to fight this ban on free speech as best we can. Alex Jones is correct. He is having a mega-impact on fighting the NEW WORLD ORDER and the globalists don't like it. That's why they are trying to shut his channel down on YouTube.

    • WOW. Seriously Wow.



      I hope you are being satirical otherwise you seriously do have problems.

    • Free speech is not free on PRIVATE servers like youtube and google. He is FREE to post what he wants on his own servers.

  15. This statement in the article:

    "Today both Google and it’s subsidiary company YouTube has banned the Alex Jones websites and channels in an attempt to quiet the libertarian."

    Appears to be false. Google has not "banned" Infowars or Prison Planet. Both sites still appear in Google searches. It looks like they aren't really "banned" by Google, but, rather, Google News is simply choosing not to include the sites as "news" on their news page or their "news" searches. Deciding to stop labeling a site as "news" is a far, far cry from banning it. So, from the first paragraph, a good portion of this article appears to be hype and overstatement……….just like a lot of Jones' stuff!

  16. His retort is hosted on YouTube. You can see it right there on this very page. CLEARLY he wasn't banned. I don't know who this guy is, but this article is full of crap.

  17. Anyone else notice his video is hosted on youtube?

  18. This is NOT CENSORSHIP!!!

    Censorship is when the government passes a law restricting your message. If a company refuses to carry your message, that is just a decision by the company.

    If a company hosts content that viewers object to, they will stop using your company's services (tune to another radio channel, turn to another TV station, browse to another website, etc). That company must then make the choice, keep the message and lose their audience or kill the content and make their audience happy.

    He still has the option to put his message out. He can stand up his own website. The only problem he has is that other companies don't want to be associated with him

    This is not censorship, this is the drawback of relying on popular media which is concerned with retaining a large audience base

  19. Irony is talking about your ban from youtube in a youtube video.

  20. I have to love how self-proclaimed "conservatives" cannot tell the difference between private and public action. No private company has any obligation to host any form of speech; were it otherwise, THAT would be fascism. It's no more "censorship" for YouTube to decide not to host a video than it's "censorship" if you refuse to let someone use your computer to write a document with which you disagree. Anyone who claims to be libertarian and who conflates private action with state action doesn't know the meaning of the word "libertarian" and is a disgrace to those who actually believe in individual rights.

  21. A libertarian would have no problem with Google – a private entity – determining what content it will allow on its sites.

    Whinging on about being 'suppressed' when others won't accommodate your demands is a liberal trope.

    Libertarian? No.

    Radical Liberal? Yes.

  22. nothing is banned go try it

  23. "Google and it’s subsidiary" should be:
    "Google and its subsidiary".

  24. i think it's very IMPORTANT to choose carefully when deciding what words to capitalize! do i only choose the words i like using, like CONSTITUTION or FREEDOM? maybe i should use it for words that have more slippery meanings, like PATRIOT. can any group of people completely agree on who is or is not a PATRIOT? the word has been used for people i consider TRAITORS. because i'm affiliated with a specific subsect of a certain political party, can i go ahead and say that those who prioritize other things than what i care about as TRAITORS? is it okay to call them TERRORISTS if they use FEAR and MANIPULATION of the TRUTH to make their own silly notions seem more credible? and, since we're really talking, isn't any act undertaken by an AMERICAN, by definition, the opposite of UNAMERICAN?

    • Fester Bestertester

      In reply, I would say that being able to communicate a coherent argument is probably more important than strategic capitalization, but hey, I only studied english for 4 years at the University of Toronto. Good luck with your poetry/art project.

  25. Hate to spoil your judge and jury party, but the Alex Jones sites are in fact alive and well on Google as of 12/02/10 – 4:00pm pst.

    But by all means don't let that spoil your Google hatred. Everyone likes to have someone else to blame for their own defects.

  26. It didn't get fixed.

    The second paragraph states "But is Alex Jones really a radical liberal…"

  27. It must be working, I dont have any idea who this kook is. All these comments are hilarious though. black helicopters and the like are coming, you better look out!! lol

  28. Alex Jones is merely another talking head who generates profits for his sponsors. PrisonPlanet and Infowars are businesses like any dot com. He is just a corporate mouthpiece and is just another part of the "MSM" he claims to despise. lol. Silly. we're living " Brave New World " while we worry about "1984" Orwellian totalitarianism

  29. Wait a sec. Government censorship and being removed from Google's news service and kicked off YouTube are two separate issues. Nobody is saying that Alex Jones can't run his website and put out videos. Google is a private company, and can do what it pleases. What if Google shut down? Would the internet collapse? Nope. And it's not the only search engine on the internet. Infowars and PrisonPlanet can and will continue to operate and put out whatever kind of news and videos it wants. When you post videos on YouTube, you are using THEIR service. If they want to remove them, that's their choice.
    I understand he's pissed about being removed from Google's news service and YouTube because it brings traffic to the website, and revenue I would imagine.
    Is Google being pressured by big government and big news? Could be. Alex says, "You need to understand that we're not going to be here in the future if you don't stand up for us." Yes, you will. Just not on YouTube.

  30. Is any one aware of the irony that we are watching this story on a YouTube video?

  31. LOL okay, the message he shows that they sent him doesn't even say they are shutting his channel down. It's a standard message that they send to all people who have been flagged for submitting content that is against the rules and gives the standard punishment of two weeks frozen account. The difference between him and all the other videos of similar content is that he got reported and the others didn't I'm sure.

  32. Youtube is a privately owned and operated video hosting service. They have the right to remove any video they want and ban any account they want for whatever reason they want. The united states government blacking out or otherwise forcing Alex Jones's websites offline would be censorship. A private company saying they are no longer interested in hosting Alex Jones's content is not.

    That being said, despite his sensationalist and conspiracy oriented mindset, Alex Jones represents one of the very few true libertarians left in this nation. He was someone who was unafraid to denounce both the invasive economic programs of the left and the surveillance fetishism of the right. He correctly recognized that both the democratic and republican parties were parties of big government, reckless spending, and constitutional erosion. Although a lot of his programming degenerated into conspiratorial rambling, his core values and ideas highlighted an alarming trend in modern government towards restricting the freedoms and rights of the common man. I may not have always agreed with him, especially when it came to conspiracy theories, but I always respected his ideas, his dedication to preserving personal liberty, and his well founded mistrust of big government. Youtube is intellectually poorer for having decided to ban him.

  33. What some fail to realize is that the prisonplanet forum is always attempting to change the google top trends for certain keywords and for those that are downloading these files you can be tried for some charge I'm sure whatever it may be concerning with classified information. As for the apache video it could be they are trying to put that in the 'memory hole'.

    Alex always mentions google and it seems his listener's use google so I guess Alex can start mentioning some other search engine to use. I suggest dukgo.com

  34. You need to fix your link to infowars.com. It now goes to infowarDs.com.

  35. At first I was outraged, and then I actually read the article. He’s been banned for posting a video of a bunch of civvies getting slaughtered. It’s not about his political views, youtube just doesn’t allow gory stuff like that period. It’s against their terms of service. It doesn’t matter how much research he’s done or how many major news networks have also aired the clip. Having seen the full video in question, it’s quite shocking and is not appropriate for a general audience site. He probably also decided it would be a good idea to send a bunch of legal threats and insults through their counterclaim form. “Cussing out the moderators” is a good way to get yourself banned from *any* public forum.

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